OCD is an abbreviation for ‘obsessive compulsive behaviour’ and the term is widely used to describe people with rather abnormal structured habits or lifestyles. In a broader sense, some of the following examples may clarify : Your daughter if fanatically tidy about her home, your mother-in-law stresses about not having closed the garage door and… Continue Reading

It is said that the only constant thing is change; this rapidly escalating in the food industry finding it hard to keep abreast. For one thing, home cooking is less favourable than in the past – in other words “eating out beats eating in” due to a fast paced world ` so little wonder that… Continue Reading

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the focus is limited to a few of the outstanding women in society; some who have celebrity titles and others who work tirelessly with little expectation of reward. With great difficulty in making choices, a bit of globe–trotting was the answer covering a wide spectrum from diverse parts of the… Continue Reading

Easter is a highlight in the Christian calendar arousing strong emotions such as grief and ultimately joy due to the events in the life of Jesus. This period is also synonymous with death and revival and as with some other religions sin is significant; this exemplified in Christianity by the agony of the cross. Of… Continue Reading

THE COMPLEXITIES OF SOCIAL MEDIA The rise of social media and emerging trends can be seen as a blessing or a curse. Due to the intense popularity, any negative viewpoints can cause s storm of controversy but at times when so many debatable issues arise, social media can be like a time bomb about to… Continue Reading

NATURAL REMEDIES AND OTHER REMEDIES With the onslaught of so many new drugs appearing more frequently, the public have been encouraged for years now to select remedies from natural sources, often termed alternate or complementary medicines. These over-the-counter products can at times be as effective as some prescribed items but more recently observation has revealed… Continue Reading

THE JOYS AND PITFALLS OF CELEBRITY As human beings we are constantly aware of the status of others and having just experienced the excitement or disappointments of the Oscars, this might be an appropriate time to ponder on the outcome of fame. There are great advantages of being famous such as the wealth that goes… Continue Reading

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, NATURE’S WONDER CURE In today’s world, we seem to be overwhelmed by an array of glossy visuals advertising an unbelievable number of new health products that will “cure all our ills”. Many of us with good intentions are ready to dig into our wallets despite an existing colourful assortment of health items… Continue Reading

A HISTORY OF PILATES It is rare for the writer to go into any great detail of well-known persons, but Joseph Pilates was such an extraordinary man and it is perhaps a fact that only biographers have learned so much about his endeavors to create an exercise routine which challenged all others during his early… Continue Reading

ABOUT LOVE Valentine’s Day might have come and gone, but love in a broader sense is everlasting even if in its many disguises! In an attempt to analyze love, it encompasses strong emotional states with degrees of intense inter-personal effects to less complicated light-hearted love affairs with simple satisfaction achieved. Love is one of the… Continue Reading


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