Commencing with this week’s topic, we question whether wealth and luxury are one and the same thing. Let us talk luxurious goods first, not necessarily essential, but usually highly desired by wealthy and affluent people. This alone can represent self-worth and status, quality being tantamount to superb craftsmanship relating to items like antique furniture and… Continue Reading

Not too long ago during the New year period, resolutions were the buzz word, mood being emboldened by the gaiety of parties and bubbling champagne. However, whether or not these were adhered to is another thing! This week we need to make comparisons between goals and intentions, the adjective “good” applying to the latter as… Continue Reading

Why do so many of us ignore our feet? Is it because of their anatomical location, at the lower end of the body looked upon from high seeing the upper sides and not the soles as frequently? I consider that to be a crying shame as these feet of ours (other than supporting the body… Continue Reading

What does a blogger write for the first week of a new year when the same old content bounces around year after year? To start with, let us back-track to last December though stressful with pressures, the month was also buoyant with the anticipation of Christmas. Besides those highly charged, ever invigorated individuals, January tends… Continue Reading

Although every December has the same ring of familiarity to it and not forgetting that Christmas is almost being embedded in the national psyche, there are great number of benefits to be derived from change. Some may enjoy the fact that the 21st of December is the longest day, termed the summer solstice with the… Continue Reading

Cursing this time of year is hardly displaying a good spirit as Christmas is ostensibly a time of giving and religious celebration, but considered by some to be obnoxious due to the entire commerciality of the season. Much time and effort are involved to deliver what is thought to be the best on the 25th… Continue Reading

Regarding all creatures, there are crucial details as to how they connect their feelings to others in the environment and subsequent reactions. Scientists speculate that this could be due to some ancient sensory mode instilled in tiny insects right up to the giant beasts on the planet. Although one cannot hear it, earth speaks in… Continue Reading

Please understand me, I am not normally this ratty but early December seems to set off some weird paranoia exacerbated by those pressures inducing “flip boards” in stores, instilling in one’s brain that there are only so many days left to Christmas – not to encourage one, but an unsubtle way of saying “we want… Continue Reading

Well, it has come back with a force, “ Tis the season to be jolly tra- la-la-la-la la …” And why are we duped into thinking this? Because Christmas is on our doorstep honey! Some embrace the season, not only for its religious connotations as there is somehow real joy in giving. Alternately, the pressure… Continue Reading

Unlike the invisible spectrum resulting in the 7 colours manifested in a rainbow, blue light is a visible light essential for our survival being short in length, high in energy omitted from the sun. In its natural form, this light regulates our wakening and sleeping circles; our circadian rhythm. Scientists state that blue light increases… Continue Reading


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