Perfectionism is in many ways connected to vanity; a feeling of superiority, making comparisons made with others who are more realistic perhaps in looks, achievements and valuing their various talents.
Goal setting and getting everything right is hard work and admirable, but not achieving the impossible dream is destructive to ones ego and the assumption of superiority can easily isolate one from others.
There is in fact no such thing as human perfectionism, as the truth breaks through over a period of time, and dooms one to disappointment and often means that setting goals for self, berates others.
Typically, perfectionists are not very fond of themselves, as satisfaction is always temporary and no flexibility exists as matters are either black or white.
There is also an imagined perception that if all is correct, peace and serenity will reign within, and there is persistent judgment of others who fall short of their goals.
Furthermore, romantic connections are fraught with dangers as partners can feel inferior, inadequate resulting in resentment.
Untidy and messy situations are intolerable and the feeling that if the exterior environment is in order, then all within is just fine!
Some noticeable characteristics of these folk are seen as a hate of procrastination, intolerance of others view points and a preference of being amongst the wealthy and successful.
To sum up, there is invariably only one way, with no tilting of the scales!
On a slightly different note, let us explore what is considered perfection in manufacturing. According to statistics, 5 star ratings are not always trusted by clients opting rather for those of 4.2 to 4.5 and 82% of consumers seek out reviews on products.
The experts also state that working within a niche in the beauty industry is advisable in such a complex arena.
Observing, learning , filtering and taking note of client criticism is essential to staying on the top rung of the ladder and noting that being unique should never compromise quality.
MATSIMELA aims to keep these practices in mind with its ongoing product development and strategies within the beauty industry.

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