At times, it is hard to believe how very different life was in ancient times. For one thing, personal health products were unknown, but research has shown that earlier civilizations contrary to some belief did bath, kept clean and tried to smell pleasant. In fact, in some societies rules were in place such as the necessity to visit a public bathhouse each week.

Burning of incense was a common practice and the discovery of aromatic blossoms like roses, lilies, and irises when soaked in oil and heated gave off wonderful fragrances. Added to thick oil ` a pomade was produced and rubbed over the skin, long lasting with little evaporation as was the case later with the use of alcohol.

At this point, it is worth mentioning Persimmon [not the fruit known today] often termed the lost scent, used medicinally and for fragrance in the ancient world, around the shores of the dead sea. Besides the dead sea scrolls, rare oil of Persimmon was discovered in the Qumran caves in a 2000-year-old clay flask. Unimaginable that this precious item survived as it did.
The Romans too were familiar with Persimmon, it being a type of Chanel 5 of the day!

Today, fragrance pays a huge role in cosmetics and toiletries and the advancement is phenomenal in terms of what some may think bizarre.
Some unexpected themes have resulted from the scents of foods like bacon, barbequed pork, beverages like coffee and whiskey, cut grass and a common one in men’s toiletries; leather. What comes to mind here are the diverse number of sprays to enhance the inside of one’s motor car, “new car leather” a popular one regardless of the worn-out old Jalopy driven!

Psychologists suggest that a signature fragrance could be a window to the soul. Consider that some are loyal and dedicated to one fragrance only, is this due to a feel-good sensation or perhaps compliments received from others?

Then consider classifications made by the experts regarding personalities, such as strong-minded people gravitate towards citrus based fragrances, rose wearers tend to be cautious
and sensitive to the needs of others, lavender is a lure for those with a sense of curiosity and fruity scents are often associated with a moody personality.

What emotions are aroused from the perfume that the stranger is wearing? Transportation to another realm, a magical or tragic event, an emotional exit from the present scenario, such is the power of perfume.

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