Once the present Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, many will attempt to resume normality by walking in groups, attending gym and other methods of keeping healthy.
Perhaps now is a good time to be reminded of alternate ways to restore balance in one’s health due to the stress the lockdown may have caused.
Healing oneself, with the help of some alternate methods, is a true gift and the following procedures are significant ~

Reiki is a Japanese word, REI knowing God consciousness, KI meaning life energy. When the latter is disturbed, bodily and emotional illness can result.
When energy flows un-interrupted, balance and harmony is created within us. No massage or manipulation occurs and the treatment is non- intrusive during the “hands on” session; the master tuning into his or her own energy. It is believed, that spiritual beings play a role during the process, recognised in many of the world’s religions.
The results vary from a feeling of deep relaxation & calm and emotional responses meaning that a mental shift is occurring.

Thai-chi is an ancient form of Chinese movement originally created as a fighting art but morphed into a more subtle art.
Due to the unique rhythm, it is often termed “meditation in motion” and has the benefits of stress relief and encourages strength and balance. The movements are flowing accompanied by deep breathing with no pauses in between.
The philosophy is profound, in that all exists inclusive of 2 opposing forces, harmonizing each other to create the greater whole. In simpler terms, one has the realization that every right has a left and every up a down. Though termed spiritual ` it is embraced by many faiths.

Ancient indigenous societies used sound to heal such as humming, clapping, drumming and pulsation.
Gong therapy has been used for thousands of years. A typical example the Tibetan “singing bowls” – the tones being an advantage to boosting vitality.
Music activates the brain very widely in areas related to learning and attention plus the stimulation of memories.
Sound can create different energy frequencies and be used to re-balance body energy and stabilize harmful emotions.
Vibrations change consciousness and clear blockages, contributing to our inner peace and create awareness and appreciation of the present time.
In the realm of spirituality, music acts as a bridge to consciousness, the lower being ‘the animal part of mankind’ is pleasure driven, whereas the higher consciousness transcends these emotions with roots back to the Indian Vedas and Buddhist philosophies.
However, Western societies have come to the realization that many Eastern rituals and beliefs embedded in ancient history are now advantageous to physical and mental health.

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