Should you have a love of spices for culinary uses and would like to experiment at home incorporating these into cosmetics then do read on, as this weeks content will inform readers of some interesting blends. However, please note that some are potent enough to cause flare-ups and is therefore critical to know one’s skin type and use the age-old test on the inner wrist prior to facial use.

Many of today’s formulas have their origins in the far and middle east, such as the ancient blackening product used mainly around the eyes; Kohl.
Basically, Kohl was created from ground cinnamon and stibnite, a soft mined crystal, burned to produce the end product; soot. This is used extensively in India, even blackening babies lids to avoid being cursed by the “evil eye”.

Regarding skin whitening, citrus extracts are commonly used like lemon juice, extracts of orange peel and white mulberry.
Tumeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. A good face mask can be made combining it with honey to a fairly stiff consistency.

Cinnamon is strong and stimulating, drawing blood to the skin’s surface, therefore ideal for dull complexions needing “a lift”.
Sliced ginger, being potent and stimulating can be rubbed over very oily, non-sensitive skins only.

Clove has wonderful anti- microbial properties. Ground and mixed into liquid soap, a gentle face wash is created.

Ground nutmeg added to milk forms a paste resulting in an excellent dermabrasion exfoliator for dry rough hands, gently massaged then rinsed off.

Homemade toners are a dream to make as the components are cheap and easy to obtain. Rosewater and Aloe Vera are a good combination for a sensitive skin. Green tea and apple cider vinegar ideal for normal skin and for the oily complexion rose water, witch hazel with a drop of tea tree oil does the trick!

Lastly, so many shameful, hardworking neglected feet ! Below are some cheap and readily available inclusions for your home-made scrub :
Combine 1 cup of granulated sugar together with coconut oil, a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to form a moist, granular consistency. Working over a bath or tub, scour the dry areas and rinse off.

If time is tight to become involved with homemade creations, Matsimela has the answer to all your beauty issues. Find a product suitable to you and indulge !

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