Special occasions come around each year with such regularity that it is at times quite difficult for a writer to gather up some new information.
Therefore writing about traditional items like bunnies, hot cross buns and religion, the latter certainly not to be overlooked being essential to the Christian calendar, can be rather tiresome, with repetition not very inspiring for the reader.

Although we are experiencing difficult times, I dare say that the stores are once again displaying their enticing array of Easter eggs – these having somewhat reached a limit to size and decoration!

This weeks content will therefore focus on a different aspect of eggs, namely the use thereof in the medical and cosmetic industry.

Let me commence with the basic description of an egg; pretty mundane stuff as we are all aware that a typical hen’s egg has an outer shell and a yellow yoke surrounded by the egg white. Besides the obvious, a very thin membranes exists, noticeably that which often causes irritation when trying “to peel” the shell off a boiled egg determined to stick on the outer cooked egg white!
This membrane contains collagen, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid components frequently seen on the labels of cosmetic items.
Furthermore, collagen is most abundant in our bodies giving strength and elasticity, almost like the glue that holds us together. Collagen is essential to bones, tendons, ligaments and skin, which ages due to solar irradiation, stress, diet, illness , pollution and general neglect.

This soluble membrane fights aging due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and protects skin by increasing its moisture content. The use thereof has outstanding effects of suppressing the ageing process.

It is interesting to reveal that in the USA, egg breaking facilities (think bakeries, food outlets etc) generate about 24 billion egg shells every year ! These having valuable membranes which are then separated scientifically via chemical and vacuum methods.

These membranes are deemed to be one of the most effective anti-aging raw materials in the cosmetic sector.
Regarding obtainability, at this stage veg capsules are on sale, clearly labeling “egg shell“ on their labels.

In closing, despite the present isolation being experienced, the celebration of Easter can be a joyful family occasion, allowing us to truly spend valuable time with each another.
The writer and the team at Matsimela wish all readers a blessed and safe long weekend ahead

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