Because we are experiencing difficult times, tolerance is essential due to the strains of the moment, and we have no doubt, altered our perceptions of life since the corona virus has caused havoc worldwide.

The dictionary states ‘tolerance has the ability to acknowledge the existence of situations that one dislikes or disagrees with’.

And this will be applicable to the morale of thousands on the planet. Never before, have nations in this century, had to fight dismay and depression, let alone hunger, fear and plunging finances.

Furthermore, dissatisfaction ` a prominent disorder of our times, can cause damaging isolation due to a sentiment that observing others suffering will only exacerbate one’s own problem.
However, when the corona virus first emerged, there was a degree of self-indulgence, fearing the plunge of commodities, limited comfort with lack of foresight as to what would become a reality.

But, a realization did emerge, that values had to change like preoccupation with possessions and social image and brought to mind how humanity can rally in times of suffering and fear and acknowledge inequality amongst people.

Realistically the pandemic is transforming communities to become more open and resilient distributing and sharing for the greater good of all.

Up to this point, the content has focussed on human beings but many animals are suffering severely and there is unjustified fear that our household pets can spread the virus.
These pets play a vital role whilst we are in isolation, providing comfort and support and lowering stress levels; providing higher resistance to disease.

In closing, just because the universe has sent us one enormous challenge, it does not mean that we are immune from others in the future, but the realization that this pandemic will come to an end brings comfort and will hopefully trigger higher consciousness in the human race.

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