Incredible Animal Communication

Regarding all creatures, there are crucial details as to how they connect their feelings to others in the environment and subsequent reactions.
Scientists speculate that this could be due to some ancient sensory mode instilled in tiny insects right up to the giant beasts on the planet. Although one cannot hear it, earth speaks in an inaudible voice, an ultra-deep hum. Waves of energy are coursing through the crust, resonating in a range called infra sound – justified unique due to activities such as vibrations in the ground, electrical charges in the atmosphere or gas released from different strata of the earth.

Creatures create sounds and murmurs as part of their communication beyond human auditory ranges.
Whether we live in an urban, coastal or forested environment, these animal noises have their unique and fascinating purposes.

Animals exhibit strange behaviour and are highly alerted to pending earth quakes, tsunamis and floods and are known to leave their habitat for higher ground well before the event. To speak of just a handful, elephants rely on the ground and talk to each other for mating and other purposes via their feet and trunks.

Alternatively some marine animals emit clicks and listen for echoes from the deep. Dolphins create pulsed sounds which reverberate back from a food source, the target is then struck.

Cats who are familiar to most humans can become excessively restless when acute senses “kick in” and even run away. They are known to predict a forth coming movement which often manifests in peculiar restlessness. Cats are known to travel more than 1000 kilometers to find original owners, which is quite remarkable.

Many Japanese fisher men keep a cat on board believing that they have the ability to predict a coming storm and in ancient times cats were adored or despised due to the belief that they have super-natural powers.

Lastly, many animals are associated with Christmas, reindeer most well known for transporting Santa Claus around the globe.
In Scandinavian countries the Yule goat, made of straw is highly revered, while donkeys play a significant role in the birth of Jesus and throughout the bible the dove is recognized as the bird of love and peace.

Well readers I do hope by now that your Christmas trees are magnificent features in your homes and for the less bulky gifts a variety of special Matsimela treats attractively wrapped ready for the big day.

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