Cursing this time of year is hardly displaying a good spirit as Christmas is ostensibly a time of giving and religious celebration, but considered by some to be obnoxious due to the entire commerciality of the season.

Much time and effort are involved to deliver what is thought to be the best on the 25th and one admires the endeavours of those who succeed.

Therefore at this point, I must mention one dear mother-in-law, whose memories of a previous Christmas still send chills down her spine!
Being an organized woman, all was well planned for the luncheon; the plates and cutlery all matched and every platter of food presented gastronomical delights and she was adamant that “bring and share” was not on the agenda. However, disaster was pending as most “kind souls” arrived late with mind-boggling plates of food resulting in an overburdened table, the dear hostess distraught and this disaster being compensated by drinking glass after glass of champagne, resulting in a ghastly hangover on the 26th!

But not all is quite as catastrophic as we now step into the realm of the perfectionist hostess, who welcomes the season with open arms as the scene is set for a grand display.

From start to finish the planning is precise as the entire table setting has an aura of luxury. Perfection reigns from the crockery to the cutlery, the serviettes, and the twinkling wine glasses. Crackers and hats are vulgar and excluded and every wrapped gift is superb in appearance. Naturally, animals and over-exuberant children are missing in fear of ruining the ambiance!
Besides the table, the Christmas tree is the ultimate eye-catcher with appropriate glass and crystal baubles, no signs of red hooded Santas and reindeer here and nothing boosts the ego imagining that one has outdone others.

But it is a reality that many perfectionists are never really one hundred percent happy despite intense forethought, perhaps something is out of line, not quite appropriate, so this neurotic criticism can lead to re-arrangement “tweaking” what was thought to be perfect!

Finally dear readers, however, you choose to celebrate the festive season may you be blessed and fulfilled by the true spirit of Christmas.

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