Although every December has the same ring of familiarity to it and not forgetting that Christmas is almost being embedded in the national psyche, there are great number of benefits to be derived from change.

Some may enjoy the fact that the 21st of December is the longest day, termed the summer solstice with the sun is at its highest point, but not necessarily the hottest day, this depending on wind and rain having an impact. In Parts of South Africa, particularly in Kwa-Zulu Natal, it has become a local chant “it always rains on Christmas day“
But that is over and done with and a new year should be welcomed with a positive mindset and anticipation of many elements of success.

Many will have a gloomy outlook so let us observe the following with a sense of mirth and acknowledge that many predictions never did come about.
According to an ancient culture, the world will end of the 31st of December triggered by the belief that this is the end of the Mayan calendar.

Another prophecy depicts that a planet called Nibira is headed for earth, hell bent on destruction. If not too catastrophic let us welcome these “aliens“ We locals will be delighted with change after a year of Governmental issues!
Pop culture is obsessed with the notion that full scale robotic beings will replace humans, but more likely realities like incurable strains of disease, over breeding of the human race, environmental destruction and nuclear threats will impact heavily on planet earth and its populations.

Humans have a macabre fascination with the end of the world. Basically the world is unhappy because it doesn’t know where it is going – Is this not typical of every age? Neanderthal man no doubt worried about his future too and observe how far we have progressed!

In conclusion let us rather be spiritually prepared for difficult times ahead and as a new year looms may love, compassion and tolerance take priority for the betterment of mankind
Wishing all readers a great celebration and a happy New Year.

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