What does a blogger write for the first week of a new year when the same old content bounces around year after year?
To start with, let us back-track to last December though stressful with pressures, the month was also buoyant with the anticipation of Christmas. Besides those highly charged, ever invigorated individuals, January tends to lope in a like a wary beggar minus enthusiasm and with a much-compromised budget.
Resolutions are part and parcel of a new year and important when having good and positive thoughts for others. We are social animals and our human interconnection is vital to survival. It has been like this through the ages. For example, the Babylonians would return borrowed items and the Jews offer forgiveness.

The big question arises; does this give us a perception of control over the future? Perhaps it is more about the powerlessness of the future and the unknown that lies ahead that gives resolutions an element of hope. All of this could more likely be due to the fundamental desire for survival.

As for astrology, strangely many who do not believe in this, still have quite a connection to their Zodiac sign even when expectations prove otherwise.
As human beings, we have ultimately been given free choice and may yours for the year ahead bring forth all that is desired.

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