Not too long ago during the New year period, resolutions were the buzz word, mood being emboldened by the gaiety of parties and bubbling champagne. However, whether or not these were adhered to is another thing!
This week we need to make comparisons between goals and intentions, the adjective “good” applying to the latter as one does not generally speak of bad intentions.

So to elaborate, good intentions arouse a feeling of well being contributing to our mental health and to society in general. In today’s frantic world, many are self-absorbed; often overlooking the good in others and the inherent fine characteristics within self.
We might say that intentions are a way of being inspired and getting rid of clutter in one’s life, and responding well is what drives our future growth.

Having a vision, but not following through, as with the diet that results in a superb figure or the novel one had been intending to write, the unexplored business plan are all akin to driving into a cul-de-sac.
On the other hand, too many intentions will result in mental clutter, so preferential plans will inspire the way forward with action.

Goals, on the other hand, tend to be more long term, more concrete needing organization, and perseverance and rewarding oneself along the way is paramount to success. However, turning a dream into reality can be life-changing with the discipline needed and visualization “in full colour”.

When a task becomes overwhelming, it is best to break it down into segments that drive confidence so that one’s goal is not like a non-penetrable brick wall.
It is not uncommon to land in the doldrums but that good old saying “a second wind” can be a driving force.

In conclusion, hard work, acknowledging that some pitfalls as expected and letting one’s goal liberate one’s energy and inspire hope.
It is these very sentiments in the early days that turned around the lives of today’s billionaires.

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