Well, it has come back with a force, “ Tis the season to be jolly tra- la-la-la-la la …” And why are we duped into thinking this? Because Christmas is on our doorstep honey! Some embrace the season, not only for its religious connotations as there is somehow real joy in giving. Alternately, the pressure can be immense because expectations are at an all time high.

There is a problem with “thinking happy” over trying times as many are obstacles detract. Perhaps happiness can be sustained by reading pleasant books, creating positive plans for the future and engaging in activities that are uplifting.

Come to think of it, in the advertising world we have a load of happiness tossed our way every day – Cosmetics and beauty preparations will make one gorgeous, on the home front one can decorate an abode and convert a shabby home into a palace and the food industry is veering more and more towards healthy eating habits. Food scientists state that bioactive substances in food like texture, heat, aroma and colour can arouse greater pleasure in eating.

Humans were designed to think and via thinking we have acquired problem solving mechanisms which can result in a happier outlook; neither is it how much one has, but how little one may acquire to inspire joy and satisfaction!

Fortunately we are connected to a new era , the culture of the future being “less is more”.
Luxury is generally associated with objects that are desirable, expensive and even hard to obtain commodities resulting in visible rewards, giving the owners a sense of exclusiveness.

However, in this new era – luxury is defined more by technological advancements and not by quantity, but rather quality. With life being all-consuming, having few possessions but greater experience is becoming the new norm.

In-as-far as structures goes, the grand old mansions in our cities, once owned and occupied by affluent families now exist as derelict eyesores probably due to inflation eroding funds and to an updated outlook on lifestyle.

Today’s young Millionaires, in this era are all out for small, chic uncluttered apartments with the minimum of upkeep, time being too valuable to waste.

With regards to clothing, logos are having a “fashion moment”. Unlike during the 1990’s some logos are so minimal, perhaps purposely absent. Street wear is today’s mainstream fashion driven by creative energy. However, some still feel that certain labels gives status, a feeling of belonging to “the club” in the same vein of overdressing.

I do hope that this weeks content will give inspiration, when even a small gift chosen with love, far outweighs unnecessary extravagance. Lastly, within the MATSIMELA outlets & gift options available online, readers will be wildly enthused to view unlimited choices; perfect gifts at ones fingertips.

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