Commencing with this week’s topic, we question whether wealth and luxury are one and the same thing.
Let us talk luxurious goods first, not necessarily essential, but usually highly desired by wealthy and affluent people. This alone can represent self-worth and status, quality being tantamount to superb craftsmanship relating to items like antique furniture and precious jewels.
Yet today’s consumers of luxury goods could well have been frugal, accumulating money through time, ultimately enjoying their efforts later in life.
Time in itself is a great equalizer; rich or poor all have 24 hours per day and is therefore the management of one’s lifestyle that can dictate an outcome.
Many aspects are significant such as “ones health is one’s wealth”. Private initiatives like contributing for the better of others, generally known as philanthropy, delivers enormous personal rewards; an invigorating form of wealth `soul related.
Unfortunately, the changing face and accumulation of wealth can have vastly negative outcomes and arouse emotions like envy, anger and bitterness from others.
Luxury as against wealth is more materialistic, allowing for highly priced cars, mansions and adornments and is contagious! The notion arises that life is pleasurable in this mode, yet “less bling” has its advantages like the peace and luxury of time slowing down for peace and relaxation if affordable.
Luxury is ever evolving. When the wealthy of the world detract from visible luxury, this is like a seismic shift and this impacts on others ever weary of the their more lowly status. With a watering down of exhibited wealth, the common herd have found a comfortable spot in society. It would appear that nowadays ostentation is a thing of the past and “shabby chic” Is the way to go. How fascinating how the human race evolves!
In conclusion, luxury and quality go hand in hand. Matsimela strives to produce affordable luxurious items for your every day needs.

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