This week’s blog may be alike to throwing the cat amongst the pigeons but readers may enjoy a topic to stimulate debate.
Some readers might be of the opinion that like attracts like, as does negativity have the same outcome.
However, a number of academics who have studied this phenomenon with precision are of the opinion that it is best to throw away “the vision board” that being a hard copy of ones future with all desires illustrated, the outcome of the future totally positive of course!

That brings us to a question; is the law of attraction, forthwith named LOA authentic or just a myth with millions of followers who believe that the universe creates and provides one with thoughts focused upon. Therefore positive thoughts will always have a positive outcome.

To the believers questioning the validity of LOA, is akin to heresy and blasphemy and can even create religious fervour. In their opinion every thought has a specific frequency and therefore the universe sets your life purpose. The right thoughts will therefore lead to the achievement of desired goals as the ether connects all like-minds together!

When doubt exists, negativity will be attracted. This indicates that with no positive plans the universe, which takes no time to manifest “want” will not be to satisfaction.

The firm belief can, by the “purists” even be taken to another level. For example non-involvement with anything negative like charitable work for the poor can only perpetuate its wretchedness! The very negativity of thinking and speaking of diseases will lead to sickness. The uninitiated speak of the “followers” existing in a mindless state. To invoke the LOA one has to live continually in an unrealistic future as successful outcomes can only be due to positive visualisation.

The laws of attraction, if on the right wavelength, are therefore almost intended to create perfect lifestyles. However, should this falter, there is the sad repercussion of having to take responsibility for the outcome.

Is it then not more appropriate to have a balanced view of life, knowing that the good comes with the bad and even saints have suffered, not to mention we unsuspecting mortals.

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