I think it is safe to say, and one can be forgiven as it happens to most of us, having had the experience of returning home from a health store lugging bags of bottles and jars being the answer to maintaining good health. As this multitude of pills, capsules and liquids are packed away a host of others can be found, probably out of the expiry date all to be ditched and a total waste of money. It is a known fact that human devotion can wane quite rapidly!

What causes one to become entrapped in this manner is the great power of advertising and how the masses are continually being indoctrinated by the media.
This is not to say that there are superb products that satisfy many health needs but looking at alternate ways, it is also encouraging, so the following are to be discussed, namely seeds, pips and husks.


These tiny black seeds were the mainstay of Aztec and Mayan diets due to the energy levels experienced. They contain protein and are rich in fibre keeping the body full and satisfied for hours. This alone can cancel the negativity of yearning to continually snack, probably on unhealthy foods, over salted and with preservatives.


The fruit being so delicious the seeds are mostly tossed out but have benefits in assisting digestion and having anti-bacterial effects on the system.
Due to the enzyme papayn, [ papain] bitterness is experienced, yet the pips should be chewed introducing a few at a time into the diet. Of late more and more emphasis has been place on ingesting these for better health.


These originate from a herb grown mainly in India. When ingested they act as a gentle laxative absorbing water as they pass through the digestive tract becoming a viscous compound assisting constipation and even the opposite; diarrhea. The husks have the ability to regulate blood sugar and assist in lowering cholesterol.


This has become a household favourite being gluten-free, a grain crop, mention of which has been made in records of the Inca empire.
CANIHUA [KANIWA ] is well known by the mountain dwellers in Peru, the rather unknown sister of Quinoa.


These have a reputation of sustaining youth! A young lady from Babylon, Sayida from the Arabic, believed the seeds preserved ones beauty.
Sesame seeds are loaded with nutrients and have an often ignored mineral, Zinc important in avoiding sore throats , good to know of as winter approaches.

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