It is not inappropriate to commence this weeks content with a quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do just that” R.I.P. STEVE JOBS.

The impact of technology is beyond imagination. Looking back in time, it is almost ludicrous to think of how people coped with radios, chunky analogue telephones, not forgetting the rage of the time; the “Sony Walkman” a portable music player, yet 25 years later no one wonders why people walk around with head phones! Other antiquated gadgets existed like reel to reel tape recorders and clumsy hand held video players. Mention any of these to the youth of today and you will be stared at in disbelief.

Everyday life is now entangled with technology allowing for quick communication around the world. Think of how global tourism has grown, awareness of diverse culture, advancement in the field of medicine. In previous times banking was a painful process, standing in long queues now simplified by use of the internet.
Even in as far as booking movie tickets, hotel accommodation, life has become that much simplified.

Despite the global reach, social media can cause a culture of isolation and erosion of good conversation and debate to stimulate the intellect.
Now the internet will give answers to just about every query or question however obscure it may be resulting in less attention being paid to other’s points of view or due to limited knowledge of particular topics.

The human mass that no longer trudge off to an office and rather work at home has great advantages but no doubt contributes to job losses worldwide.
Besides that rather worrying situation, long hours spent on computers are affecting many in both physical and mental ways.

Sitting for long hours can lead to back pain, have an effect on circulation, stiffness to the muscles in hands and continual movement of the wrists can lead to the medical condition carpal tunnel syndrome. The medical profession are more frequently treating mal-aligned vertebrae of the neck as well.

In addition, staring at a bright screen can lead to eye problems and headaches, which brings to mind the “movie evangelists” making good use of laptop and smart phone screens.
Even obesity can develop due to constant nibbling quick and easy snacks. The overall lack of physical activity leads to fewer kiloJoules being eliminated.

Finally, a worry exists that many children are literally being taught on computers which can ultimately compromise skills to figure things out, face up to everyday challenges and become an issue as “the tomorrow” becomes exponentially more difficult.

In the long term, parents may view this as an advantage, delighted that it “frees-up” their time.

In conclusion, the world is changing rapidly, but the way in which we handle change is crucial to a balanced lifestyle.

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