In celebration of Mother’s Day, the focus is limited to a few of the outstanding women in society; some who have celebrity titles and others who work tirelessly with little expectation of reward. With great difficulty in making choices, a bit of globe–trotting was the answer covering a wide spectrum from diverse parts of the globe with an effort to include just a few of the many ethnic and religious groups on our planet.

Within the realm of philanthropy, Alicia Keys allocated enormous funds to enable children in Africa, suffering from HIV to have access to medication, whereas Michelle Obama has focused on girls education and Meryl Streep opted to support Oxfam as a charity.

Jillian Haslam became a prominent banker, sometimes termed a “Slumdog millionaire“ going from homeless and hungry and losing four siblings due to starvation. This tragic past inspiring her to become a philanthropist.

“From our own back yard“ as it were, Charlize Theron, having witnessed the shooting of her own father, transformed tragedy into kindness by adopting children to overcome this chilling experience as a young girl.

Eva Longoria has put her focus on intellectual special needs, while Angelina Jolie joined the United Nation, becoming involved in various missions.

Internationally “military mums” have faced unique situations, making sacrifices with courage, strength and pride, never knowing the outcome of these challenges.

Not to be side-lined are those who donated funds, time and effort in matters of conservation.
Wangari Maathia who grew up in South Africa, initiated “the green belt movement“ in Kenya and fights for women’s rights.

Jane Goodall, famous for her work with the chimpanzees carried out much scientific research, observing how close they are to human beings and revolutionized our knowledge of primates.

Some of our Muslim readers may be familiar with the name Misbah Akhtar founder of “single Muslim Moms“ to break the stigma surrounding divorcees. She has written some inspiring children’s books.

In conclusion, due to recent acts of terrorism, many children have lost their mothers and been deprived of maternal love and comfort.
Our sympathies go out to all those who suffer from these barbaric acts.

Matsimela wishes its readers a special, well deserved Mother’s day and hope you are spoilt with a beautiful MatsiMela gift.

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