An old saying exists that boredom is a luxury and loneliness a state of mind, the latter having some truth, however the causes and consequences of this emotion generating concern.

While some people get a moral boost from the activities during what one may call the highlights of the year like Christmas, Easter and so on, others could experience adverse effects even leading to depression. One of the main reasons is the “hype” and expectations around these seasons vastly exaggerated by the media.

Currently our society is bombarded with more and more choices of objects and information intended to bring pleasure but this can inadvertently stimulate a sensation of emptiness and depression.

While loneliness can be a devastating emotion, experts say that it can be a catalyst for positive change. The circumstances that lead to loneliness often result in a perception of personal failure, being unattached to society or being rejected by friends.

Fortunately, loneliness is an attitude that one can abolish. Early roots often lie in the belief that “the world is having a party” and that you were not invited. Nothing can be further from the truth. A key to being happy is knowing that one has the power to choose and accept or to let go.

This week’s content cannot ignore friendships which play a huge role in one’s emotional stability or otherwise. A toxic friendship can damage not only ones psyche but health too when conflicts occur and a person is not feeling honoured in the relationship. If a friend makes one feel rotten, it is time to break the cycle of negativity.

This too is an ideal time to ponder on what one can or cannot tolerate in the other.
When separation exists between friends it is best to walk away, treat this situation as past and done with and a perception that a better phase of one’s life lies ahead.
Besides, the whims and dependencies of others can drag one into despondency.

True friendship gives a wonderful feeling of being connected to the world when people share mutual recognition of interests and feelings with no malicious intent.

Lastly, at times unintentionally, we will connect to certain people merely once, others frequently without plan or formality who bring forth a sense of togetherness; this connection perhaps part of a universal plan.

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