The word ‘cosmetic’ means to improve appearance or in another context, relates to the superficial. Whatever the interpretation, the beauty industry is enormous and expanding as women of all cultures behold these as daily essentials ! Some details that enhance appearance follows `

These come in many forms. A good one should melt into the skin, be spread with ease and not have blotchy pigments.
They are a nightmare if there are periods of hot and humid days when it tends to liquefy ! However, face powder well pressed over foundation will “set” the foundation for better endurance. A quick spritz of setting spray will also do the trick for all day wear.

An historic invention by the cosmetic icon Max Factor, a make-up artist to the movie stars was “Pan-cake” a most successful launch of all times. The average woman could now literally “plaster it on” hiding a multitude of flaws ! With time, foundations became lighter and less pore clogging.

Face powder and powder eye make-up
A good face power could contain natural components like potato and rice chalk, starches and orris root.
Application is a personal choice. Sponges “set” the powder, whereas brushes allow for an overall dusting.
Powder eye shadow is obviously compressed with a greater choice of colours and more sheen due to the inclusion of finely milled mica.

For colour choices, besides nail enamel, lipsticks probably outdo all other make-up.
For a natural appearance Sheer every day types are higher in oil, allowing for subtle colour and shine.
These are not garish and outstanding and lessen that made-up appearance.
Lipsticks like other greasy items can become rancid containing a fungus like yeast, not excluding bacteria too. The typical smell is a warning and the product must be discarded.

Many beauty experts regard this as “the evil” of all facial make-up as it contains gross chemicals and can cause allergic reactions with careless use. It can scratch the cornea too and the wand accumulates bacteria and even encourages formation of a stye.
So with this horrendous news, constantly washing the wand, never sharing with others and discarding long before it dries out is sensible.

In conclusion, all old make-up has only one destination, the bin ! With masses of brands and exceptionally high quality prices ones around ` you not need be a miser !

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