Regarding first impressions, these are important because they last well beyond the primary effect inspired by appearance, language and culture and in areas of social activities, make-up and fashion.

Perhaps in a fast moving world, dwelling on the past is hardly of consequence, but an era did exist which was compelling in terms of fashion and non- violent rebellion; that being the 1960’s, incredibly distant to today’s youth.

It was unique and it was care-free amidst the trauma of the Vietnam war resulting in the loss of thousands of lives.

Communication and emotions between those known as the “hippies” was at an all-time high, and was incredibly vibrant despite lack of today’s social media. These communities took a stance to display their feelings in a gentle non- combatant way.

Besides the emotional aspects, the youth movement rebelling against society, inspired the fashion industry with their modes of dress and adornment becoming profitable to manufacturers, not exactly in keeping with their fight against the establishment !

While the war raged, on deliberate non-care attitudes developed with unstyled hair, hemp and cotton made garb trailing around ankles and jewellery of an ethic nature mimicking that of tribal folk.

Remembering this era is critical as they should never be viewed as a lost generation.

It is not to be surmised that today’s youth, due to the advancement of technology are uncaring. Many are a huge credit to society being involved in charitable institutions, the fight against poverty and terrorism.

When these present challenging times terminate, it will be interesting to observe how society evolves.

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