Suffice to say that we are all saturated with this current issue, a “hot topic“ is now doing the rounds, resulting in much research regarding the virus. The information is satisfactory to many, whilst masses remain doubtful and are suspicious of the answers given.

The blatant response that the virus originated in China set the cat amongst the pigeons, a possibility being mistrust of this country in the West.
Giving further substance to this perception, due to the strange and foreign nutritional habits in China – their foods sourced from animal markets aroused more suspicion.
Thus fear and loathing became commonplace and social media had a field day promoting the notion that the virus could well have been created in a Chinese laboratory.

The spread and enormity of the virus worldwide resulted in an alien world of which we are now so aware.

According to science, millions of viruses have been on the planet since the earliest times and new ones will keep on appearing. As many as 1.6 million lurks in mammals and birds, having the potential to jump to humans. Six out of ten infectious diseases were animal-related including HIV, AIDS, and SARS.

Within this scenario, the Ebola outbreak was severe and fearful, many being of the opinion that it was either air or water-borne but its origin proved to be fruit bats and/or wild animals. Often primates and bushmeat are primary hosts.

Reverting to Covid-19, misinformation exploded on social media, myths spreading as fast as the disease even concluding that the virus is a man-made bioweapon!

Many human beings have to examine their lifestyles, perhaps some having lost control, disregarding the basic ethics of living. In many instances, the indiscriminate killing of animals, the lust for meat, and even non-stop interference with the soil can arise problems with pathogens exposed in more ways than we realize.

Disasters and tragedies eventually become history but there is little excuse for us as human beings to not think seriously of what might be prevented.

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