This is a good time to temporally take one’s mind off everyday issues. Albeit, that in challenging times, moms should still be revered and spoilt on this one day of the year devoted to them. The effect of love, attention, and affection given could wane with time and as a daughter or son becomes parents… Continue Reading

Regarding memories, new outcomes can arise from breaking old habits as it is in the subconscious mind that all bad habits and experiences reside. To be happier in oneself, in the present moment, is a great recipe for the manifestation of better thoughts. Beyond the age of 35, we have a set of habits, skills,… Continue Reading

During the lockdowns, to preserve public health, many “stay at home” periods now exist. Businesses are now well aware that the dominant format of 2021 is online advertising to draw attention and maintain interest. One only has to focus on the rapid exposure of events, say for example the speed of the “Black lives matter”… Continue Reading

I imagine this word can best be explained as a perception or viewpoint, perhaps when intolerance arises or when the conversation becomes contradictory to others. As it happens, there is no harm in having one’s own opinions and breaking from the norm, yet this could be offensive to some. Much depends too on personality; be… Continue Reading

In a survey carried out focusing on the seasons, Spring appeared to be the favourite, however one cannot deny the beauty of Autumn. Considering the diverse areas and cultures of the world, the effects of changing seasons is interesting; the evolutionary adaptations significant within our bodies. Physiologically, we retain more heat and body fat will… Continue Reading

Although many view the Easter weekend as a time for rest and social activities, this is ostensibly a highlight on the Christian calendar, depicting the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So many questions have arisen regarding Jesus, one being related to His diet, whether He was a vegetarian. This being rather complicated as… Continue Reading

Boosting the immune system might once have focused on eating buckets of spinach, purchasing “miracle” capsules and partaking in yoga. Science now has an approach to preventative health, enhancing our physical abilities to withstand threats and promote molecular wellness. The thinking goes along with a boost of energy, in turn delaying the deterioration related to… Continue Reading

Regarding first impressions, these are important because they last well beyond the primary effect inspired by appearance, language and culture and in areas of social activities, make-up and fashion. Perhaps in a fast moving world, dwelling on the past is hardly of consequence, but an era did exist which was compelling in terms of fashion… Continue Reading

The word ‘cosmetic’ means to improve appearance or in another context, relates to the superficial. Whatever the interpretation, the beauty industry is enormous and expanding as women of all cultures behold these as daily essentials ! Some details that enhance appearance follows ` Foundations These come in many forms. A good one should melt into… Continue Reading

Suffice to say that we are all saturated with this current issue, a “hot topic“ is now doing the rounds, resulting in much research regarding the virus. The information is satisfactory to many, whilst masses remain doubtful and are suspicious of the answers given. The blatant response that the virus originated in China set the… Continue Reading


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