Resilience is the process to adapt in the face of diversity, tragedy, trauma or financial, health and other problems. These are all part and parcel of our daily lives, enhanced by conscious decisions to overcome negative emotions. Life experiences are the great teacher as we are not born with this essential capability. It is interesting… Continue Reading

Two words that contradict each but other yet both having an enormous influence on our lives. Confucius said that “silence is a true friend that never betrays”. His thoughts were no doubt based on the danger of words which can lead to anger, hatred and bitterness if misconstrued. The sudden breaking of silence can stimulate… Continue Reading

In 1872 “the ladies book of etiquette” was written and it is not surprising that so many of the rules are still applicable to this day. However, acceptable behavior varies enormously from one culture to another. A case then arises of not wishing to offend others but at the same time not wanting to sabotage… Continue Reading

The power of thought has become quite a vibrant topic and perhaps the realization that the strongest can move one in a certain direction albeit that this may not be to an advantage. In other words, are we the product of our thoughts? Dwelling on negativities of the past ` could such energy result in… Continue Reading

Dear readers, have you ever thought that food would be the answer to feeling down-hearted, depressed, lonely, and isolated? Well, of course, you have as this is a universal form of emotional “healing” and so the very thought of banishing the blues is enough to stimulate the taste buds! But ultimately, eating the entire bar… Continue Reading

Whatever era comes under discussion, the occurrence of ‘them and us’ will always exist, stimulated by many factors like age, appearance, social standing and now more than ever before, tolerance where age gaps occur in adapting to technology. In a ‘real world,’ it is therefore commonplace to place people into little boxes, but social media… Continue Reading

One of the oldest trees, the Ginkgo ` native to China, is around 1,400 years old and continued to grow in Japan despite the devastation of the bombing of Hiroshima. It produces fruit but the nuts are not particularly palatable. The oldest remains of walnut trees were found in Iraq, dating back to about 5000… Continue Reading

Researchers abroad have carried out testing with some surprising results to arrest the ageing process commonly associated with certain diseases. This having been carried out by isolating 6 groups of molecules from plants with a varying mixture of different chemicals. The 1st group relates to is an extract from the root of a flowering plant… Continue Reading

Every era has unique features within the political and social landscape, but change is inevitable. This week’s content will consider how the youth are advancing and how mature people frequently become overwhelmed, coping in a rapidly changing world. The 1970’s and ’80s inspired many changes! Youth becoming more involved politically, but socially more relaxed. These… Continue Reading

In ancient times, it was realized that an exchange of commodities was essential to the wellbeing of communities. The earliest “money” arriving in the form of conch shells, around 1300 BC. Later bronze casts produced coins, some having holes in the centre for the convenience of stringing them together. The ancient Babylonians developed one of… Continue Reading


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