When Aldous Huxley many years ago wrote the novel “A brave new world”, the content focused on the indoctrination of the masses; humans being genetically bred having authoritarian rule via technology, but ultimately the chief concern was the preservation of the human spirit. In these times, some similarities may exist and this pandemic Covid-19 will… Continue Reading

Epigenetics is basically a system of turning genes on and off for the ultimate creation of a life. The discovery of DNA enhanced the understanding of life and its great complexities. Further understanding of DNA has resulted in a new field of scientific study known as epigenetics; a simple example is how DNA is fixed… Continue Reading

Despite millions of years of evolution and development as human beings, the role of decisions relies heavily on emotions; be they positive or negative, the latter not to be ignored. Positive emotions are known to be good for health as is enthusiasm which can be “catchy” inspiring others who may suffer from lethargy. Hope is… Continue Reading

This phrase could well refer to our present situation, the “lock-down“ we are experiencing due to the corona virus. Sadly, for many a state of isolation hinders access to normality and this distancing for some can have adverse social and mental effects. Naturally, there will be less chance of face to face communication and debate… Continue Reading

OUR RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD It is not inappropriate to commence this weeks content with a quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do just that” R.I.P. STEVE JOBS. The impact of technology is beyond imagination. Looking back in time, it is almost ludicrous to… Continue Reading

Human beings are a peculiar lot when it comes to appearance ` so many striving for change. Our so called “crowning glory” be it straight, curly, fine or coarse, limp or thick can arouse emotions like joy, irritability, desperation and even depression with much neurotic behaviour. Fortunately in some areas nature retains “what is meant… Continue Reading


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