When Aldous Huxley many years ago wrote the novel “A brave new world”, the content focused on the indoctrination of the masses; humans being genetically bred having authoritarian rule via technology, but ultimately the chief concern was the preservation of the human spirit.

In these times, some similarities may exist and this pandemic Covid-19 will hopefully arouse the importance of upholding faith and hope, essential whilst experiencing an altered world.

No doubt, the masses are suffering, some more drastically than others, but on one hand we are witnessing dramatic changes in the planet, some destructive, others positive.

On a negative note, many governments are focusing on health and financial issues with far less protection of the environment. There are already signs of increased poaching as a greater number of wildlife officers are inactive. Adding to this, we are experiencing a drastic decrease in tourism. Logging, disastrous to the planet, is on the increase as timber stimulates income especially in rural communities where policing is difficult. Wild animals, fish and forests are rarely privately owned and these are being exploited to a greater degree. The impact of the pandemic will be devastating to the environment.

On a positive note, air pollution is minimal in comparison and the sky above our eerily, empty cities actually looks blue. Having fewer cars on the roads and aeroplanes in the sky has been advantageous in slashing carbon emissions, which normally create the foggy environment which we are accustomed to.

Much anger and resentment has been witnessed but as we are “all in it” – more tolerance is needed in these overwhelming times, hopefully “help thou brother” sentiments will prevail.

The staff at Matsimela look forward in welcoming new and old clients when re-opening & wish everyone a safe period ahead.

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