Human emotions

Despite millions of years of evolution and development as human beings, the role of decisions relies heavily on emotions; be they positive or negative, the latter not to be ignored.

Positive emotions are known to be good for health as is enthusiasm which can be “catchy” inspiring others who may suffer from lethargy.

Hope is one of the strongest emotions of the universe. It affects faith in others, plans for the future and stimulates a desire. When we lose faith in this emotion, some dramatic outcomes could arise like helplessness and depression.

Many query whether animals have emotions. The animal behaviourists are positive that they cannot explain themselves linguistically as do humans, their actions being stimulated naturally.

Animals are also incapable of shame or guilt, but do show emotions via when under stress and having fear.
In the entertainment industry, sadly many creatures are trained to amuse humans such as in circuses, their responses learned due to repetitive training.

Whilst referring to animals, the most intelligent are; dolphins, elephants, rats, dogs, primates and believe it or not, bees.

Still on the topic of emotions, although a number of people are still faithful to a brand, retailers are quick to jump on the bandwagon knowing that their merchandise can soar by introducing new shapes, colours and fragrances. Sales can never afford to be static in a fast moving world, where change is inevitable and highly competitive.

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