An amazing turn-about has aroused greater changes not seen of late. In an expanding world, nothing as in the past is considered freakish. Perfection is a thing of the past and “outlandish” is almost the new norm. In fact, anything too contrived and regular can be considered “passe”.

A greater number of beautiful models across all ages, races & cultures are seen in advertisements, and on the cat-walk and earlier lanky skeletal figures are no longer insisted upon by model agencies.

Freedom of expression is the norm, and lack of perfection can be witnessed by plump “gals” with cellulite and chubby tummies sunbathing in bikinis!

Models once highly sought after in the 1960’s have re-emerged inspiring confidence in their contemporaries by modeling with age-related facial lines and hands with protruding veins! We appear to have reached a “who cares” more relaxed lifestyle!

One could even say that there are few limits on those with disadvantages; take for example a person with a leg prosthetic working out in a gym! There are no boundaries when keeping fit.

In terms of hair, silver is the new grey, shamelessly worn by all ages and little separation exists between youth and old age as is the case with the cutting of hair. Women in an adventurous mood might shave the hair at the temples, leaving long hair on the crown, totally in keeping with a trend seen in males.

Headwear has reached the height of fashion. The kerchief or ‘doek’ which was much frowned upon, has nowadays transformed into a trendy twirled head covering, the Dhuku is glorified in the fashion world. And more so now with COVID, many people have used this type of attire for protection instead of face masks.

I am open to comment but over the last few years, a phenomenal change has occurred with the structuring of eyebrows. One need no longer endure the sad wispy hairs of the past. The currently bold, trendy brows can be penciled in, dyed, or tattooed. However, the brows being too close to the bridge of the nose results in features becoming unbalanced giving the wearer a “fierce expression”!

According to the “fashionistas” radical changes are occurring in the realm of make-up. Eyelids are taking on a different hue using hi-gloss shadows, multi-colored eye makeup with a return to shades of blue as in the 1980’s. Eyelashes, upper and lower, are enhanced with spikey, wet-looking mascara. The “washed-out” appearance requires very pale makeup with the use of pastels like lavender and pink and black skins are enhanced with limited colour but high gloss, overall with shine and glitter.

In conclusion, there are plenty of options and with winter being a more conservative season, summer may arouse some interesting, creative insights!

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