This week’s discussion will briefly focus on the life-forms of humans, animals, and plants all of which occupy the same space, share air to breathe, and consume nourishment to sustain life. Our fascinating ecosystems have evolved to become inter-connected and so the fragments ultimately contribute to the whole.
Nature has its own “circular system” for survival [presently under much stress] and humans need to take note to rectify their destructive behavior.

Science reveals that resonance is a universal phenomenon occurring at different frequencies not only at the heart of human consciousness and deep mysteries exist as to its origins.

Single celled life was evident 3.7 billion years ago and what might be thought of as a simple creature, the jellyfish has thousands of neurons, whereas bees and fish are known to display sensory reactions as do many other small creatures.

A question arises whether plants react to cruelty. This is debatable but they do indeed react to outer stimulation.
Some have the ability to close and open depending on circumstances, danger, and climatic situations significant, others feel the touch as light as a caterpillar’s footsteps, others are known to react to human touch.

Whether or not they experience pain, deliberately harming plants is shameful as they are vital in the eco-system.

A much-debated topic arises as to whether all living matter possesses a soul? Masses of research has been done and some have come to the conclusion that “life essence” does not necessarily relate to spirit ` this having evolved in higher life forms.

Regarding animals; a sensitive issue, some believe that the soul does exist but that they lack the ability to reason right from wrong.

The existence of a soul cannot be proven or disproven from an objective viewpoint as the soul is immaterial and intangible. We might consider the viewpoint of philosophers and religion, however a contentious topic.

In conclusion, humans have been termed “the crown of creation” and should show compassion to all living creatures. One should give serious consideration to this, especially in these times when the planet is under such duress.

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