Resilience is the process to adapt in the face of diversity, tragedy, trauma or financial, health and other problems. These are all part and parcel of our daily lives, enhanced by conscious decisions to overcome negative emotions. Life experiences are the great teacher as we are not born with this essential capability.

It is interesting at this point that the “fight or flight” mode is a matter of parental education, preparing the infant for times ahead when danger might threaten, albeit that instilling fear at a young age is not conducive to a developing character. However, early development of the hormone adrenalin in the young body facilitates essential actions occurring in the future.

Negativity like fear of coping, dwelling on sadness and past trauma are our worst enemies. All humans have coping mechanisms, negated by mood, personality and past experiences.

Humans are just too overwhelmed with life and its issues that mechanisms like de-cluttering the brain can bring forth positive results. We often prioritize incorrectly, this not surprising with the pressures and expectations that life dishes up. Creating meaning full thoughts are a great way forward. Activities like sport, involvement in art and music are a few example to arouse that force; resilience.

Not many have been able to cope easily and adapt to adversity during the present Covid viral situation. Social distancing and no end in sight affects mental health.
Research reveals that we are not necessarily hard wired to cope with such new and drastic situations. Many have lost direction and new mechanisms of adapting are needed.
Life is extremely altered for “social animals” lacking the stimulus of the familiar out of home activities.

Loners tend to cope more successfully for outer stimulus is not a priority in their lives. However, basically human beings can be accredited with greater strength than realized.

Are you not present today reading this content despite all past tragedy, disappointment and heart break? This alone reflects the human resilience in all of us.

In closing, one person , known as ‘Malcolm X’ who was in earlier times a leader in the American civil rights issues stated that every defeat, every heart break, every loss contains its own seed, its own lesson how to improve next time around.

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