In the ancient world a woman speaking in public was in most circumstances by definition “not a woman” and in the past women faced distinct social penalties for perseverance leading to success.

For years women had to keep their heads down and play by the rules which has changed dramatically. However, do men see powerful women as a threat to their masculinity? Generally men prefer to report to other men and with the rising success of the opposite sex the status quo has become a bit hard to stomach.

Female leaders face higher ethical pressure in the workplace often causing disruptive power dynamics.

When a male feels intimidated he may challenge the person’s ideas, block communication, blatantly state alternate view points or use avoidance as a tool.

A question often arises whether likeability of a person plays a role, which can soften the blow but likeability and success do not necessarily go hand in hand.

According to a Wall Street survey, one of the worst moves a career woman can make is to have children, this being not only discrimination but very much due to cultural bias against mothers. But ultimately, the solution is the realization in the 21st century that male and female employees are not so different from one another.

Today powerful women are leaders from all around the world in business, government, the media, philanthropy and the arts.

There is no one definite or secret ingredient, rather up to women to carve out a place and find an area of focus that suits them best.

A woman should not be measured by previous hardships in her life and not let negativity dictate who or what she may become.

In the realm of sexuality, new strengths have emerged; women no longer cowering in shame as in the past. As for the Recent outpouring of sexual harassment it is a myth that women are prevented by testifying to the inappropriate behaviour experienced.

Lastly an encouraging quotation from Albert Einstein `

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go further than the crowd and the woman who works alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”.

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