Those with very fair skins are inclined to be more prone to freckles, being nothing more than deposits of melanin pigment stimulated by sunlight, much like obtaining a tan but appearing in a spotty fashion. Freckles can over time form blotches and worst of all the onset of skin cancer, a warning from Dermatologists.

Believe it or not, there is a newfound fondness of showing off freckles and should one not have them,

it might be good to see how the other half lives some believing that the overall effect can appear as a pretty and fresh twist to a modern look.

Professional makeup artists are the answer, some of whom have drawn freckles onto the faces of the likes of Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss. Staying with celebrity, it is interesting to note that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex is now adhering to Royal protocol by neatening up the untidy bun and wearing flesh coloured stockings and is apparently insisting on having her freckles on view as opposed to camouflaging them with heavy covering make-up.

On the whole “ freckled girls” are only too eager to pursue with the obliteration of these pigmented spots purchasing heavy textured foundations and do not view these freckles as “kisses from the sun”.

Critics of these pigmented spots view them as nothing more than an early breakout of chicken pox !

The latest mind-boggling fashionista trend is to have tattooed freckles and Microblading is a new innovation not unlike tattooing but using semi-permanent pigment creating freckles and transferring over plucked eyebrows to a more bushy appearance .

All this proves that nothing is static in the beauty industry, but trends die off and with time are re-established. One wonders if there is any likelihood of cover girls appearing with the 60’s dark eye make-up and white-pink lipstick, or perhaps a swing around to a more puritanical image of subtle hues on a woman’s face, a reminder of what was then considered beauty during the Renaissance period.

Whatever bizarre ideas come to light, the beauty industry will continually re-invent itself to be in touch with or be ahead of current trends.

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