The very word “goodbye” seems to arouse negative energy and could initially have an element of sadness to it,of loss,a “gone forever” feeling and conjures up strong emotions.

However, there are instances when a farewell cannot come soon enough! Which reminds one of the expression “good riddance” which is basically a rude way of saying au revoir and let us keep it that way!
This week we take a look at departures across a rather wide spectrum

Firstly a home could be called a place of comfort and perhaps security; a living, breathing entity though constructed from bricks and concrete.
A home tends to be like a diary loaded with events and memories. Little wonder then that departing from it can be quite traumatic.

One might be surprised that even parting with a motor car can be tear jerking for some, much grief displayed when saying farewell to a beaten-up old hunk of tin, certainly not viewed as such by the owner !

Many avid readers are hugely emotional about books, be the pages yellow and “doggy-eared”.
These hoards of dusty collections are precious to some and yet in many ways they are commodities that are more disposable than other items, take note of the tables at charity sales which are overloaded with books.

Loss of loved ones, not necessarily through death but due to the break-ups of a relationship which are not easily dealt with. The resulting negativity can arouse feelings of being useless, unwanted and being readily replaced.

In order to “candy coat” the departure, some conjure up expressions like “I will always love you” wholly dishonest or “see you later” rather unfair as this indicates no definitive ending – giving a little hope but not much consolation to the one who is heart broken!

On the other hand, removing toxic people from ones life is a positive move and is far better for ones morale.

In the commercial world nothing is static, yet we all have a longing at some time or another for what is no longer available. New innovations sweep away the old. Beauty trends change rapidly and scientific research benefits consumers especially in the arena of skin care.

MATSIMELA is right up front with exciting, new & innovative products in the pipe-line launching in August. Look out for a new foot care regime and hand & décolletage treatment containing ingredients with a pro-age focus.

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