When writing on the topic, I was puzzled as to why people use the expression so frequently.
My very first impressions were that of a poor fish, dangling off a hook, incapacitated and at the mercy of the fisherman.
When thinking of “hooked” relating to human behaviour there are some quite interesting correlations to the above.

As with the fish being hooked, persons on some of the common addictions like drugs, alcohol, tobacco and even relationships, freedom can often be seen as out of reach until an approach is made for assistance on a realization that life is “out of sync” or even endangered.

However, there are many more social or intellectual examples such as being hooked on music, composers, authors, television, Facebook and cell phones. Some individuals might even be hooked on a feeling which could be restrictive to open or liberal attitudes.

Could one say that being hooked in any way relates to addiction? Generally speaking the former is usually used in a more playful manner, such as when a partner commits to being married the expression often arises that poor so-and-so is now hooked!

The word tends to highlight the meaning in other expressions such as “by hook or by crook” by any means what so ever, “being let off the hook”.
Given freedom of obligation and “hook line and sinker” – being bound, locked in or even deceived into believing.

Regarding appearance, the bombardment and overwhelming images of beauty and perfection can cause one to be hooked by the notion that celebratory brings joy and satisfaction to life. To the contrary, self image does not emerge from magazine covers but by acknowledging ones own uniqueness commencing with suitable make-up and skin care.

Matsimela’s philosophy is to get back to your roots and celebrate your own uniqueness and beauty.

Try one of our Matsimela Ranges and you will be “hooked”

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