As far back as 1910, a pageant was held in Cape Town organized by a magazine ‘South African ladies home journal 1910’ with each of the 4 provinces sending a representative, bearing in mind that multi-coloured contestants were still a long way off. However, Miss Universe of 2019 was a black woman from South Africa to the delight of the public.

Whatever the colour, the looks or the temperament, the contestant is in the hands of the organizers and drama queens are soon labelled as such!

Naturally, looks are imperative, but a contestant needs to have confidence and a belief in herself and the impending rules could be seen as horrifying.

There are tough questions to be answered and the issue is about balancing beauty and brains.

Below are examples of questions the organizers may ask –

“How different would the world be if ruled by women? “

“What is the essence of a woman?“

“Is a love marriage better than an arranged one?”

“Do you think that men are superior in business?”

An entrant’s greatest obstacle of course is the Jury. A beauty queen’s private life will alter considerably. She will have to become an advocate of social service and almost an agent of the state.

She has many social and cultural engagements ahead, has to travel and promote many brands and should appeal to all ages, but especially the youth.

At times some winners become disgruntled and throw tantrums such as rejecting costumes, pretending to be ill for shoots, expressing disgust for ‘being used’.  

One winner “had had enough” and destroyed her crown !

Hopefully this has not deterred any of our beautiful South Africans in taking part.

Being a beauty queen in just the beginning, as the way ahead, opens up great opportunities.