Hair like no other

Within the modelling world and on the catwalk, black beauty has become exaggerated as never before, and eye catching in juxta position to their paler counterparts. The naked and outstanding visuals have become de jour giving our African counterparts introductions to fashion as never before.

Many black stylists have, like others, realized that academia is not necessarily the answer, neither is following in the footprints of their fellow Caucasians. In fact, it is inaccurate that an urge for higher education can compromise artistic inspiration lying dormant.

There are no limits to taking up a career in fashion and hair, opening up great opportunities becoming involved in make-up, modelling and fashion shoots.

On the catwalk, creations like elaborate twists of hair and plaits inter-twined with jewels will exaggerate stylish evening wear being exhibited.

Some current styles seen as emerging trends can be seen on the internet –

  • Shaving the hair on the sides of the head with elaborate coils on the upper scalp
  • Relaxed hair with silver highlights
  • Tumbling natural curls with blonde extensions woven within
  • A frontal thick bob onto the forehead with the rest of the scalp shaved
  • Hair plaited to the rear with a cinnamon coloured bun on the top of the scalp
  • A mass of  “frizz” overall reminiscent of the Mohawk civilization

It certainly is an adventurous time in styling and could well be the envy of limp straight haired individuals. However, we live in adventurous times with much inspiration for change !!