Due to human beings intensity to farm, mine, extend human settlements, attack the forests for timber and create huge swaths of land for commerce, this has had a great impact on all living creatures and sadly

is intensifying. Scientists remind us continually how destruction is resulting in a huge impact on the environment and detrimental to our own existence.

This week’s content will focus on how essential it is to be mindful in future of the preservation of living creatures and other organisms.

BEES ` believe it or not, bees are incredibly intelligent and powerful pollinators on which a third of the world depends. Without this function, crops will cease to exist and famine will result. In addition the delicious sweet honey that is produced will be no more

BEAVERS ` these woodland creatures regulate ecosystems  in the way that they dam up water that prevents flooding and preserve fish populations

FROGS ` these control insect populations and are a food source for larger creatures. When threatened, their survival tools kick in such as playing dead or puffing up in a threatening manner !

LLAMAS ` big and beautiful as they are, they have a low impact on the environment, are gentle creatures and socially bond with herding animals invaluable to shepherds .

ELEPHANTS ` these giants boost tourism and are valuable to the ecosystem as their large tusks are able to penetrate deep into ground for water, assisting lesser capable creatures who could otherwise die of dehydration

RATS ` mostly labelled as the bad guys, they have an incredible sense of smell and are trained to sniff out landmines more efficiently than metal detectors

FUNGI ` these growths balance the ecosystem and colonize most habitats on the planet and survive in hostile environments. Fungi play a critical role in recycling dead vegetation, making nutrients available for the next generation of plant life.

In conclusion, ORANGUTANS  much focused on and their  presence being built on the preservation of the rain forests having thousands of animals and plant species being threatened by humans.

It is critical that future generations benefit  by being aware of the destruction of the planet and that parents and educators play an important role in this regard.