In around 500 B.C. ` this marvelous fruit was discovered almost in error in central America by the “Hass children” who were delighted by this delicious creamy fruit. In those times it was call “ahuacatl” and gave the impression of the male anatomy, being bulbous and growing in pairs!
In addition, ancient history reveals that the Aztecs of the region used this creamy fruit on their skins as a barrier to the hot sun and dry winds.

Today these trees still grow in sub-tropical regions and in addition to being utilized in a salad, the fruit which of interest may be consumed even having brownish, bruised-like spots.

The creamy avocado has not surprisingly made its way into the world of cosmetics, a popular face cream being a combination of avocado, tea tree, and jojoba oils.

Avocado oil contains a high percentage of Vitamin E, oleic acid, collagen, and lutein; a carotenoid that gives colour to fruits. These age-reducing components and the hydrating effects may deter aging. The oil can be combined with one’s regular lotions and creams.

It has beneficial effects on itchy and dehydrated skin, ultraviolet damage, and some success with psoriasis, a disease resulting in an overproduction of skin cells, often difficult to cure.

In conclusion and a blessing for when out of season, the fruit can be frozen for 4-6 months. The flesh can be cut in half, into cubes or mashed, sprinkled with lemon juice, and placed into air-tight bags or containers like sealed ice trays.

Readers will do well to take advantage of this fruit during the winter season and take note of the “beauty tips”.

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