Facial treats in line with nature

With the present power cuts we are experiencing, it is certainly good to utilize one’s time, thus this week’s blog will contain information to maintain skin health with the creation of face masks.

Regular beauty routines are much compromised due to Covid19 and a “lackluster” attitude is not helpful.

Probiotics are living organisms within our bodies that promote good health, and our skins much like the gut, have billions of micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
With this ecosystem being the first line of defense, when disruption results, skins become wide open to the invasion of pathogens. Skin plays an important role in adapting to changing environments such as neglect, toxins, and varying weather patterns.

Women in all good faith, often do more damage than good to their skins, so we will analyze what is healthy or not with regard to face masks created at home.
Fruit and egg masks are well known but natural as what these are, there is a certain awareness to be cautious.

Many masks require a “setting” component – a common one being fullers earth used since ancient times and generally quite safe. It controls oiliness, has a tightening effect, and is temporally successful in tightening wrinkles. It is essential that it be removed when still “tacky” not solid like a dry river bed !!
A pleasant, simple mask can have a blend of fullers earth, mashed papaya, and aloe vera gel.

There are so many home masks just not possible to mention in one blog. However, the following components could arouse reactions like burning, itching, tightening, or tingling sensations. Some of the culprits are bananas, citrus, and egg white – the fear of the latter having salmonella.

Certain spices too can cause irritation, notably cinnamon, best avoided when concocting a mask.

Hopefully, readers will have benefitted from the content with a glowing complexion!

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