This week we venture into the realm of body care for men and the advancement of the many treatments becoming more commonplace. Commencing with hair, a prominent feature and not always a shortage thereof on the scalp, face, and underarm areas.

Beards are the delight of the salons as they can vary from the amount of hair, the shape of the face, or the style requested, the choices being just plain stubble, the resurrected goatee, or shoulder-length ideal for the bun or “ponytail”.
Pomades have become popular of late as they can flatten hair [just so 1950’s] and used to mold the moustache. Eyebrows can be shaped through waxing, tweezing, or threading, and full hair coloured by tinting or highlighting. Older men tend to stick to grey hair, onto which the stylist can apply gentle bluish, silver tones.

As for body hair, removal from the back, chest, and armpits has become popular. The pride of looking like a primate is a tad “passe”.
Hands and feet, so often neglected, are now up for grooming. No more crusty skin, ragged cuticles, and untrimmed claws best left for cats!

Depending on the skin type, facial skin can be steamed to remove blackheads and massaged to exfoliate and encourage blood circulation. Spending time in a spa is no longer frowned upon for these oft essential procedures.

Chemists are now creating “easy to apply” make-up for men, foundations becoming popular to conceal scars, trouble spots, and pigmentation.

With Father’s day up and coming, “ladies”, you may want to put out feelers and encourage your man to follow current trends!

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