This present situation changes the world considerably, re-ordering society in dramatic ways. The greater events that come to mind are wars worldwide, terrorism, and catastrophes like 911 and financial collapse. These
events change relationships, governments, and countries arousing fear and instability.

The essence of wars was to protect mankind but an enemy like the virus arouses a whole new scenario and sentiments like innocence and complacency become a thing of the past.
These challenges will hopefully inspire humanity and have had an effect on keeping faith alive and greater hope in society.

As for technology, online communication can be of great benefit and comfort for many, a blessing and escape from excessive intimacy, greater self-awareness, and mindfulness.
Online communication can assist one to re-connect with those afar, physically disconnected, perhaps inadvertently neglected in pre-Covid-19 times.

The essence of war was to protect civilization from invaders, equated with armed forces. Nowadays specialists, doctors, nurses, and carers are on the frontline and the efforts of these dedicated persons can be labeled as true patriots. Some of the horrific acts of terrorism have during these times been put “on the back burner” temporarily due to restricted movement.

In terms of liberal spending, the pandemic ends the romance with this luxury and hopefully arouses compassion for the needy.
The constraints on consumer culture can be a learning curve to arouse awareness for future disasters.

Considering health, human expanse on the planet has encouraged unheard of species and animal microbes to creep into our space causing SARS, Ebola, and other epidemics.

To advantage, this present virus could lead to greater conservation of wildlife, a new awareness of the habitat, and arrest the arrogant destruction of the planet.
Greater consideration for ethnic minorities may arise who have nurtured nature in the face of industrialization.

In conclusion, a wise man said “what lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny matters compared with what lies within us”.

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