Every single day, sounds are critical to our well-being.  A melody, a song with sound vibrations tunes our minds as to how the brain translates these as relaxing, depressing, or aggravating.

The sounds discussed this week are not relevant to blaring horns or the pain our brains feel when a couple is in howling in disagreement!

But to commence what actually occurs within our grey matter?

Music is critical to the vibrations in the mind. For example, high empathy people process music differently and tend to have a preference for emotional music, relaxing muscular tension and reducing anxiety by 65%.

It is remarkable how humans react to sound, at this point a reminder of how sound, in humans and nature is essential to the attraction and protection of the species.

Yet another wonder is the ability of the brain to convert sounds to the listener. The brain of a mountain climber can tolerate the sounds of the gales, roaring through the canyons. A more gentle soul will be delighted by birdsong, cascading water, or the silence of a sunset in a remote area.

Just as some are elated by the sounds of a rock concert, others will be ecstatic hearing the sounds of a violin!

Albeit, that specialists play an important role in correcting hearing problems, alternate methods have been popularized over time.

Gongs can be used to stimulate or alternate a state of consciousness into an almost trance-like state, this being tranquilizing and healing in some cases. The ancient Greeks used these to cure mental disorders since 4000 BC.

Tibetan brass singing bowls have become most popular for calming nerves and are used during mediation.

Actions are a little challenging to start with, but one will become familiar with two methods: striking the side of the bowl with the mallet or circulating the rim.

Sound can stimulate red blood cells thereby increasing one’s blood supply, relieving stress and eliminating toxins, and calming two sides of the brain.

Sound is capable of affecting hormones and can release endorphins, our “feel good” chemicals.

Notwithstanding the expertise of the medical profession, many in the west are finding relief from oriental methods, perhaps a switch from the intensity of social media from time to time will be advantageous to one’s health.

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