In some instances, human beings have an obsession to collect items that will simply astound others, especially those into minimalism. The reasoning could arise due to greed, boredom, comfort, and even a sense of ambition.

The Sultan of Brunei, an auto junkie has an obsession with motor cars owning the biggest collection in the world. At present 7000 automobiles! In my way of thinking one vehicle gives me enough trouble!

Another individual in the UK has amassed 20736 matchboxes all of the different designs and multiple fire extinguishers in his home, making pretty good sense!

The largest tulip garden in India stands as a memorial to Indira Gandhi and the largest farm in China; the Mudanjiang has acreage to that of 11 states in the USA.

Another event, perhaps unknown to many, is the creation of unique implements strictly for African American hair.

Madame CJ Walker during the period 1867-1919, was the daughter of a previous slave and observed the need to groom African American hair and create cosmetics.  A scalp ailment of her own inspired her to create a hair-growing product. Her dedication led to her becoming the first black American millionaire!

Another interesting discovery reveals that certain tribes of darker skin tones have naturally blonde hair!  These folk known as Melanesians are dark-skinned inhabitants of islands off Australia and they claim that their hair colour is due to a diet rich in fish.

However, scientists are more convinced that this is due to a gene flow from European traders and explorers.

In conclusion, mysteries will always exist but the diversity worldwide continues to amaze one.