Many think that life is highly dependent on these, but in the long run, the expectations may be encouraging, disappointing or give a sense of security to many.

However, thousands follow horoscopes, which is no surprise merely because the future is so unpredictable.

There are 7 types, a few of which will be discussed here, some being Babylonian in origin.

THE ALCHEMIC ` signs are associated with elements like iron, mercury, platinum, gold, etc.

THE ARABIC  ` as in the West, there are 12 signs which are significant. Their names refer to a variety of weapons such as knives, daggers, spears, scimitars,s, and so on.

The Arabic arose before the birth of Christ and became popular about 911 years later and is not associated with the month of one’s birth, but by a specific day.

THE AZTEC ` the date within a month of birth depicts one’s association with an animal such as a monkey, snake, jaguar, etc.

THE AFRICAN ` these people have a cultural perception of their own, methods involving the stars being read and by geomancy; divination that interprets marks on the ground caused by tossing objects like roots,

rocks, etc.  The baobab tree is highly significant due to its originality and tough endurance.

This being such an intricate topic, it is worth changing gear and getting comments in the professional arena, especially regarding the future of our planet.

In view of the fact that the ancient civilizations had poor accuracy, one recognizes their outlook and beliefs as far back as the 1960’s. The style of computerized technology changed many views. Now the position of the sun, moon, planets, and asteroids are significant.

From a religious viewpoint, Christianity stands firm as the Bible does not trust views coming from astrology, but is however abundant with many warnings!

Interestingly, an American Rabii has stated that a legend has existed since the dawn of time, that the “Golem” in-animated material will come to life.

In closing, there is no doubt much to be considered!