A number of entomologists were faced with a tricky question; “what are the smartest bugs on the planet?”

Of the 900 000 living insects known, the honey bee scored an ‘A’ having unique intelligence as these insects appear to understand numbers. They can make accurate collective decisions regarding the distance, quality, and quantity of the source of nectar essential to the honey to be produced.

The structure of the honeycomb is a miracle in itself whereby, the wax an essential element which hardens, flakes off in scales, and then chewed and softened by worker bees forming hexagonal cells that fill the internal structure of the beehive.

This type of structure has been used throughout evolution due to its strength and durability. The comb acts as rooms for the worker and other bees and after her return from mating, the queen bee lays eggs in the cells.

From a nutritional point of view, honey is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Honey can also be used on the skin having burns and wounds as it maintains sufficient moisture to the area and prevents microbial infections.

In terms of the cosmetic industry, honey is a regular component in face, hand, nail, and moisturizing creams plus lipsticks, and depilatories.
Its softer texture prevents clogging of pores which may be the case with the inclusion of denser thickeners.

In recent years and perhaps even today, Royal Jelly crops up in conversation due to its “miraculous properties”. However, this bee milk has been analyzed and contains one-half water, the other a combination of protein and sugars. This solution is essentially fed to the “ bee babies”.

Therefore the food of the gods may be misleading as a dietary supplement for ailments. The fuss about this wonder ingredient in the western media remains controversial.

Readers who have no fear of experimenting in the kitchen will be amazed at the endless recipes online incorporating honey.

This week’s blog cannot be concluded without mentioning the use of honey with alcohol. The addition of honey to whiskey, rum, gin, or tequila is no longer a bar tender’s secret, yet just another of its endless and inventive uses.

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