Recently, important players and critics within the industry attended a top beauty summit and the realization arose that it is increasingly complex and will have to adapt to change as new brands are being created at the speed of light. It appears that many of the previously well-known brands have faded into obscurity. The current independent ones are up and coming and could well be a threat, though a sense of loyalty does exist among more senior consumers to the familiar.

A previous CEO of Revlon reveals that success used to be predictable because the big brands ruled. In-store demonstrators and promoters were vital to stimulating sales and huge expensive posters highlighting the brand now appear so passe. Now big brands are trying to catch up online with their competitors, having avid and active followers.

As customer needs change, the collapse of previous brands is significant. The experts note that there is growth towards cruelty-free items and a need for fewer synthetic ingredients; a fact that millennials do care.
An erosion of trust also exists amongst the savvy youth regarding manufacturers selling at the lowest price perhaps compromising quality. Cheap on the internet is also a salient point as consumer disappointment kicks in when inexpensive is marketed as a luxury.

Questions were asked as to whether beauty products make a person better looking? This is no doubt true, but on a deeper level, self- expression is more dominant today, the notion of “copy-cat” beauty no longer exists often inspired by celebrities.

In conclusion, beauty treatments offered in homes and spas bring humanity away from an impersonal world of the internet or the previous rather “wooden” sales methods offered by over glamorized “behind the counter” sales ladies !!

Matsimela’s introduction of new products, fragrances, and packaging to inspire the needs of its consumers is always a priority.

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