The ‘green’ market is expanding rapidly, as consumers become more and more wary of synthetic components.

In this segment, the purest ingredients are used, eliminating chemicals wherever possible.

There is the awareness that not all are purely vegan, as one would wish such as lanolin, beeswax, and keratin may be the culprits.

Parabens are ingredients that allow for a better shelf life.

Relating to phthalates, these are widely used in plastics for pliability and in fragrances, rarely seen on labels due to trade secrets, as a perfume is an exotic creation, with a high image as against a hand cream!

Herbs and spices are growing in popularity – popular herbs like lavender, mint, and thyme, some of which can be brewed for tea.

Spices too are popular, but should be tested on the wrist, and left for one to two hours due to their strength.

Legally, are these tantalizing components revealed on labels?  They are indeed, in order from the highest percentage to the lowest. This arouses confidence in purchasing.

Well worth mentioning is Neem, a carrier oil, an Indian exotic emollient.

In conclusion, our African folk have, on the whole, incredibly beautiful skins and luckily the secret is out!

For centuries they have used oils made from roasted plants and fruits, perhaps combined with shea butters and Neem oil to create their famous Black soap.

All this is evident that the search for beauty is never-ending!