SKIN: the issues are so widespread, that only the basics are mentioned here –

Age ` with reference to hormonal changes, in the general sense & referring to acne – is most disturbing and is incorrect in assuming that fatty foods are the culprit.

Estrogens and androgens being unbalanced are the culprits but can be remedied. Acne left unattended too is foolish, as pitted skin can result after healing requiring dermabrasion.

Some teens are fortunate and are free of it, others would gladly have a pillowcase over the head! Consulting a dermatologist is the answer.

Sex hormones, particularly androgens are often bypassed as culprits and are worth mentioning.  Females with excessive testosterone could be harassed with unwanted facial hair, a masculine voice, and the onset of acne.

Nails these remarkable coverings on the fingertips are not always easy to maintain as they can be brittle, and have ridges, and /or white patches.

Commonly seen are yellow streaks; a clear sign of nail fungus, this too can be rectified with medication. Excessive use of acetone and vitamin B deficiency can affect nails & hair according to research. 

The third of the three, hair ` is enviable when thick, detested if frizzy, and manageable with a quick fix ponytail but, with ever-changing new products and a reliable stylist – all can be rectified.

Considering good nutrition, many a problem might be eliminated.

Sinus is common, the culprits possibly being food, climatic, and seasonal changes. Recommendations, but not necessarily cures, include less intake of dairy products, alcohol, and gluten.

The progression of fast foods has no doubt been detrimental to health … With the pressures of living, the glory of home-cooked dinners has become somewhat tarnished. However, many food outlets are reassuring the population with nutritional and healthy boxed food; a wide range of choices, and a blessing for many professional housewives & people working long, hard hours.