There could well be a flourish of colours, especially from the “trendy set” as a farewell to Winter. Should one be in the mood, eye catching prints galore, florals and stripes even combined, slightly wider pants for women and boleros, quite exciting worn over blouses and shirts. In fact, matching is just “not on“!

Mustard appears to be making a comeback, suitable for men’s wear which is by no means drab, along with colorful shorts and pants.

The braver “fashionistas“ could well take note of a greater variation of fabrics, popular with some of South Africa’s neighbours and beyond.

Prior to colonization, animal skins were worn as clothing, but with the onset of imported fabrics, wonderful prints were concocted, which the more adventurist began to imitate.

The Angolans tend to imitate the colours of their flag being black, red and white.

Local fabric merchants were quick to latch onto these African prints, being ideal for beach and pool side wear, like shorts, pants and sarongs.

The citizens of Malawi are of a greater cultural mix, having imports of fabrics from Indonesia worn around the chest, as a headscarf or even used as a baby sling.

Their President encouraged men to wear cloth around the waist, which has caught on to the more trendy males here back home !

Last but not least, takkies in their many varieties remain fashionable, “ballet” pumps and shoes with wedged heels, a fashionable return. Colourful slip-on sandals ideal for the beach and anything that catches the eye, even glass heals are on our shelves.

Hopefully this, readers, should be encouraging for the warmer months ahead.