Fear not, you are not going crazy! There is no urgency to rush off to consult a psychiatrist as unexplained loss occurs to all of us at some stage of our lives, neither have the bulk of us ever played magician to materialize those items!

When objects disappear, for what reason do they inexplicably reappear? These objects are usually ones most likely always kept in a familiar place, especially by the fanatically tidy people.
In the case of some everyday common object no longer seen, the search begins and out of the blue it is staring one in the face right where it is always kept. What on earth is going on here and what forces are at work?

Several possibilities exist from the mundane to the bizarre.
It is quite feasible that the “missing” item was misplaced due to an interruption, but in the mind of the owner this object is “always in one place only” and is overwhelmed that it reappeared elsewhere.

Another situation arises as a borrower temporarily takes the item and knowing the fanaticism of the owner quickly replaces is so that “voila” it simply “reappears”.

But do paranormal possibilities exist? There is apparently no scientific evidence of unknown mechanisms of the human brain in this area to justify such occurrences.
As we exist in a three dimensional world, there are yet some scientists who recognize other planes of existence, far too complex to discuss in this blog. Could there be more to life of which we are unaware?

This brings us to the matter of Telekinesis; that is mentally moving matter with mind and a few have demonstrated this but at the same time often been termed charlatans.
The famous Uri Geller performing live is said to have bent a spoon tucked away in a transparent safe hundreds of kilometres away making the act visible. His claim to fame being that distance is not the issue but his mind power being at play!

The question arises as to whether de-materialization can occur. Basically our history is based on the realm of reality, in what we perceive that which has form.
However in Eastern Philosophy there is a Yogic way of materializing matter via supreme concentration.

The content of this weeks blog is not intended to “spook” anyone as we are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.
Food for thought anyone?

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